QR Code Scanning - Bitcoin Paper Wallet

How can you scan a bitcoin qr code from a website on an Android device? All the qr code scanners seems to only work using the camera.

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How can you scan a bitcoin qr code from a website on an Android device? All the qr code scanners seems to only work using the camera. /r/Bitcoin

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Any Hardware Wallet with a QR Code Scanner? Eitherway whats a good alternative to Ledger Nano S? /r/Bitcoin

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Bitcoin Balance Scanner - Scan a QR code, get the balance

I made this fairly simple Android app last night. With the rising use of paper wallets and paper wallet printers (Such as Piper), I figured this would be a good thing to contribute.
Simply scan the QR code of a public key, and the balance will be displayed. It will also save the addresses so for quick lookup later.
Check it out on the Android market: Bitcoin Price Scanner
Let me know what you all think!
Edit: Publishing an update that will add support for more devices
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How much does it cost to develop a cryptowallet for business?

How much does it cost to develop a cryptowallet for business?
A cryptocurrency wallet is specific software that allows you to make global non-cash payments and keep your profit securely stored. There are multiple reasons why business owners switch to cryptocurrency wallets such as no government invasion, multi-currency operations, quickness, no physical currency involved. However, it is necessary to develop your personalized wallet if you want to scale your business and simplify financial transactions. In this article, we will discuss what is the average price of cryptowallet development and how it will benefit your business.
Firstly, it is important to understand the necessity of cryptowallet for entrepreneurs:
  • some transactions require a long waiting period and verification in the bank:
  • high fees on international transactions and unprofitable currency exchange rate;
  • lack of privacy, since online money transfer through a bank is impossible without the provision of personal information;
How does cryptowallet work?
  • fast and secure transactions carried within a few minutes;
  • private keys are safely stored and the transaction is processed between blockchain network members:
  • transaction fees are relatively low in comparison with a bank;
  • a completely anonymous environment;
You should keep in mind a few things that will influence the cost before the development process
Wallet type
There are two main wallet types: the desktop (installed on the PC) and the mobile app that can provide users with constant access to their funds.
Bitcoin libraries
You can either create a cryptocurrency wallet using one of the libraries (e.g. Coinbase, BitcoinJ) for Android and iOS and synchronize it with various API’s or create an application from the scratch.
Size of the development company
If you decide to get a highly customized wallet app, the estimated price will largely depend on the size of the company you are choosing. Anyway, cryptowallet development requires large investments and even hiring a small-sized company will cost you from $15,000-$20,000. The pricing depends on the features included. Also, the type of coins you want to use in your wallet app is a factor that influences the cost. Since it is not possible to calculate the exact cost of development, we will present the average prices of the basic features that are compulsory in your app:
Backend development from $10,000
Design from $7,000
Web/Desktop $7,000
Also, you can add numerous features to secure and vary your transactions:
Secured authentication & authorization, Windows/Linux/Mac wallet, iOS app, Android app, push notifications, QR code scanner, customer support, multiple cryptocurrency, optional password protection etc.
The development of a cryptocurrency wallet is an innovative tool that can bring your business to the next level. Evercode Lab developed a unique multi-currency crypto wallets (Atomic Wallet and Guarda), guaranteeing the fastest transactions, maximum security, and anonymity. Our company provides a wide range of services from consulting to a full-time development team as well as crypto asset security.
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Bitcoin ATMs or exchange?

Bitcoin ATMs or exchange?

BTM, allows you to cash out bitcoins and buy cryptocurrency. Most ATMs have purchase restrictions, and some even require mandatory verification (KYC).

BTM work

Bitcoin ATM acts as a physical way to exchange the cache for Bitcoin or vice versa. The device includes a scanner, a cash dispenser, and a computer for managing transactions. Digital money is withdrawn to a Bitcoin wallet or a paper wallet of a buyer, for this a special QR code is intended on a mobile device or on a paper wallet itself, generated during the operation and printed out in a separate check. This service is paid and additional commission is charged for it. Most ATMs only work on the purchase of crypto.
All ATMs have a common purchase process:
  • Verification phase (optional, may vary significantly depending on the type of ATM);
  • Obtaining a bitcoin address for making a deposit (it can be generated and printed / sent by e-mail, but it is better to have it with you before using the device);
  • Cash deposit to ATM;
  • Confirmation of the operation (Bitcoin sent to your address).
This process may vary for each ATM.


The average commission at most ATMs is about 9%. It is worth noting that, while abroad, the buyer may encounter an increased commission due to the exchange from the country’s currency to the dollar / euro, then to the local currency.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the advantages of Bitcoin ATMs are the following:
  • simple use;
  • the opportunity to discover a completely new method of payment; speed of transactions.
However, BTM has a few more shortcomings, so the use of ATMs may not always be convenient for customers:
  1. High commission. The difference in fees is due to the need to maintain physical devices, and it is also possible to levy additional fees.
  2. The risk of ordinary wallets. These risks are associated with the insecurity of this method of withdrawing funds / buying Bitcoin, since you can lose access to the wallet simply by forgetting the mnemonic phrase. Weak tech support. Failure to contact specialists in case of problems will be very difficult.
  3. Physical accessibility. Since Bitcoin ATMs are an innovation, far from every city they are present. Often finding such an ATM nearby is simply not possible.
  4. Weak tech support. Failure to contact specialists in case of problems will be very difficult.
Often, the purchase and withdrawal of funds through exchanges is a priority option. The Bitniex exchange offers an incredibly simple, convenient and high-quality service, all you need to do is go through the easy registration process and start trading on the exchange now.
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IOTA URI scheme and metadata exchange format

The QR code in the Trinity wallet contains a string of 81 characters indicating an address. Only to people familiar to IOTA, this has a meaning and even then, no one will quickly recognize the exact length of 81 characters.
Other information in QR codes contains a URI, like a web URL, mailto, contact data in VCF, etc. Any QR code scanner will directly know what to do with that information. Even Bitcoin has a URI: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/BIP_0021
I think that IOTA could also benefit from having a proper URI scheme, like:

Items in stores could then be provided with tags for automatic payment or reading of a URL with information about the authenticity.
Applications in the IOTA ecosystem can then work seamlessly together, the step to introducing IOTA can be transparent for most users and services can be built on top of IOTA more easily.
The next step would then of course be an exchange format, where distributed wallets can communicate with each other, contact data that can be exchanged over the Tangle, etc.
I think the first step to this would be a clean URI scheme, but I haven't found anything and seeing that the Trinity wallet does not even include this, I doubt that this idea was considered before. I also do not think that the community can define a good scheme, as only the IF knows what's in the pipeline and are at the forefront of standardization.
Is anyone aware of efforts in this direction or reasons why this does not seem to have been done yet?
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Choosing The Best Multi-Currency Wallet For Crypto in 2020

Crypto differs from fiat in terms of storage. It is saved not in some kind of virtual bank, but directly in the blockchain. The coins, information on the distribution of digital assets between users, transaction history – all this data is stored by the chain. Such data cannot be changed or erased in any way. And without a crypto wallet, you cannot manage your assets.

Let’s have a look at different types of crypto wallets.

A cryptocurrency wallet stores your “private” and “public” keys used to send and receive various crypto tokens. The interface and design of the programs help users to get all the necessary information about their digital savings.
There are two types of wallets:

How do cryptocurrency wallets work?

Cryptocurrency wallets are not designed to actually store digital assets; instead, they provide the tools necessary to interact with the blockchain network. The wallet includes a public address, which is an identifier in the form of a set of letters and numbers. This address is a kind of location on the blockchain where you can send coins. You can share your public address with another user to receive funds, but you should never show your private key to anyone.
A private key provides access to your cryptocurrencies, regardless of which wallet you use. Thus, even if your computer or smartphone was compromised, you can still access your funds from any other device, provided that you have the appropriate private key (or seed phrase).

Types of wallets

Web wallet

This type of wallet is suitable for beginners, since it does not require the purchase of devices, software installation, or downloading the blockchain. It is enough for the user to register on the site. Web wallets are simple and convenient to use, they do not take up space on the HDD and are constantly synchronized with the blockchain network, even when your computer is offline.
Cryptopay enables customers to transfer money directly between their Cryptopay wallet and SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) bank account, store their funds safely in a multi-coin portfolio, protected by two-factor authentication to increase security.
Coinbase is a trading service that many retailers use to receive digital currencies from sales. Private keys are stored on the server, and client funds are stored on a cold wallet. You can enable two-factor authentication and install the smartphone app.

Desktop wallet

The local wallet is installed on the hard drive and loaded with the operating system. Such wallets are divided into “thick” (full-node clients) and “thin” (light-node clients). Thick ones can take up to hundreds of gigabytes of hard drive space. Thin local wallet is actually a program that makes requests to the blockchain through a trusted site.
Bitcoin Core is a Bitcoin wallet created by the Bitcoin Foundation. If you want to get a truly secure place for your digital assets, choose this thick desktop wallet.
Exodus is a universal thin crypto wallet. It supports 100+ altcoins and has a built-in exchange service. Also, Exodus can interact with the Trezor Crypto Hardware Wallet.

Mobile phone and browser wallets

Mobile wallets are available through special applications. You can use them for shopping in real stores where crypto is accepted – just like ApplePay.
Benefits of Mobile Wallets:
Disadvantages of mobile wallets:
Coinomi is a multi-currency application with two integrated exchange services (Shapeshift and Changelly). The wallet supports 100+ virtual coins, the keys are stored exclusively in the application.
Browser wallet is an extension for Chrome and Opera browsers. It is very easy to use: you just enter seed phrases and get access to the savings.
The Jaxx extension for Chrome from the team of developers of the browser wallet KryptoKit, supports not only Bitcoin, but Ethereum as well.

Hardware wallet

This is the most reliable option for saving virtual assets. They look like ordinary USB flash drives. The user inserts a USB, logs on a wallet program by entering a password and thus gets access to the funds. All operations are performed not in the system, but directly on the flash drive itself, which eliminates extraneous access to data.
Trezor wallet supports most of the top coins, it can be synchronized with the MyEtherWallet online wallet, as well as Chrome and Firefox browsers to get access to crypto funds.
Ledger Nano S is miniature, safe, and easy to use and has several levels of protection. Asset management is performed through the Ledger Manager utility.

Paper wallet

A paper wallet is a piece of paper that usually has QR codes that can be quickly scanned to get the address to a crypto account. The main advantage of services like BitAddress and Bitcoin Paper Wallet is that the keys are actually stored offline, which makes them immune to hacker attacks. The main drawback, however, is that the paper wallet can be stolen or lost.

Which wallet is the safest?

An offline crypto wallet is the most reliable one. You can install a local wallet on a PC that is not connected to the Internet and store your digital assets on it, but this is not very convenient if you need to quickly complete a transaction.


The choice depends on how you plan to use your tokens. Small amounts of crypto can be stored on thin local or Internet wallets, and for long-term storage of large amounts, it is better to get thick or hardware wallets. In any case, remember to strictly observe all security measures.
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Scanning QR Code

Hi - I am having issues scanning a QR code on Crypto.com. I am trying to purchase something via Bitcoin but the in app QR scanner doesn’t seem to pick it up....when I scan it on my phone camera it prompts me to open my Coinbase app but I am blocked from that until they authenticate my new device. Thanks in advance!
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Is it possible to change the iOS default Bitcoin app when scanning a QR code?

Hi all,
So here's the scenario. Using the default iOS QR scanner, the BRD app opens when I scan a payment address from a qr code that starts with the "bitcoin:" label. This seems to be the default in my specific case, but your mileage may vary. I used to use BRD, but moved onto other wallets that I've liked better.
This is likely a limitation with iOS, but wondering if anyone's had any luck with changing the default, other than deleting applications and leaving the one you want, and then re-adding the old ones. I may end up doing that anyway, but if someone's had luck, I'd be interested in knowing.
Based on my research, iOS doesn't allow you to change default applications, such as in Mac OS, Windows, or Linux.
You may say that I can just open the application I want and scan from there, and I'd agree that this is a workaround. However, swiping down on the screen without the need to unlock the phone makes for a quicker experience.
Any experience with that?
Thanks in advance!
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Introducing Satpile -

Introducing Satpile -
We just released our watch-only BTC app, so I thought some of you would be interested to know about it. Perfect for checking balance of hardware wallets and paper wallets, gifts, charity, multi-signatures etc. Also useful with dollar-cost averaging (DCA).
Key features :
  • Track as many Bitcoin addresses as needed;
  • Multiple folders structure for better clarity;
  • Displays total and subtotals balances;
  • Custom name for each address & folder;
  • Supporting P2PKH (1...), P2SH (3...), Bech32 (bc1...);
  • Built-in QR scanner to add new addresses;
  • Easily share addresses and QR codes;
  • See balances in satoshis;
  • Bilingual (EN & FR, more languages coming soon)
  • Dark mode.
Verify balance on external browser :
  • mempool.space
  • blockchair.com
  • blockstream.info
  • tradeblock.com
  • blockcypher.com
  • blockchain.com
  • smartbit.com.au
  • blockexplorer.com
  • btc.com
  • (User's own full node and more coming soon!)
Sats-friendly: Balances are displayed in satoshis as standard unit.
Open source under MIT License.
GitHub at: https://github.com/Satpile
Download on the App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/satpile/id1510284403 (Android version coming soon...)
Feedback welcome! https://satpile.com
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Redan Coin (RDAN) a cryptocurrency with more powerful Growth on Global Sector with De-centralized Technology

Redan Coin (RDAN) a cryptocurrency with more powerful Growth on Global Sector with De-centralized Technology
On 1st May 2020, Redan Token (RDAN) | The Cryptocurrency of people need has created a vast technology growth carried over on Demand. In the evolution of Ethereum (ETH) a complete Blockchain technology have made an ERA with the Redan Token, this in return the essential’s required for this RDAN token holders are most amazing utlities is all the way.
Redan Token | RDAN:
Based in Indonesia, Redan, with its global network of industry-esteemed partners, has been planned to provide their ecosystem of blockchain products and services to both businesses and end users since 2019. This project has the vision to enable a “perfect blockchain experience” through its Redan Ecosystem of blockchain products. RDAN token is the currency to fuel all ecosystem transactions and grant blockchain users premium benefits and rewards. Its full list of utility can be found in the project’s Whitepaper: Redan Token Whitepaper
Meanwhile, Saturn Network is a professional third-party data analytics organization that focuses on providing accurate trading on crypto companies developing in the blockchain industry. Saturn Network rating system is widely trusted, being utilized by leading investment firms.

Redan (RDAN) Token with a De-Centralized Exchange
Own De-centralized Exchange of Redan:
The exciting news on the Redan is Exchange platform, such we are in a leading technology world we have a question on our mind.. Is our Redan Token or any Crypto is maintaing a hassle free from Hacking? True !! Absolutly the word answer YES, because the Redan Coin is developed with well expert’s Blockchain People its always a secure token. On the go the crypto’s will have trading on exchanges with Safe and Secure platforms is required, for this purpose the Redan Exchange platform is developed to protect its users with much more benefits.
Crypto in the Field of Medicine:
As of these days, the world gets more pandemic for the Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19) has playing its spread above 210 countries in the World getting more people into the sand ASAP hope it will end. To avoid these pandemic situation in future stages, Redan Token has started its R&D on Medico Industry by implementing the worlds most trustable technology of Blockchain. These steps of Redan Token getting its user’s a well satisfactory level and making them grow day by day on this world’s sight as an Unique Investor’s.
As of these updates, the Redan Token has attained the Trustworthy and initiative of upcoming investors to join on the Redan Token Family !!

Growth Statergy - REDAN Token
Redan Token Wallet:
By securing the Redan Token, This had blown the user’s mind amazingly by creating an appliction Redan Wallet were we can Buy, HODL and Sell. It has best security, user friendly and in ease use case with high stability. This in turn helping the users to do their actions in single tap by QR code scanners. It’s available on Google Play Store for Android & soon in App Store for IOS.
| Redan’s vision is to increase the freedom of money globally.
Redan believes in getting the luxurious lives to people around the world !!!
| Visit website for more informations -
| To Buy, Trade, HODL Redan Token by Safe & Secure way !! |
Register for Regular Updates : Register - Click Here !!
Author: Jubaedah Ulan,
Website: Redan Token & Exchange – Click Here !
FaceBook: Redan Official – Click Here to Visit !
Twitter: Redan Official – Click Here to Visit !
Medium: Redan Official – Click Here to Visit !
#redantoken #cryptocurrency #blockchain #technology #ethereum #bitcoin #alt-coin #safe #secure #HODL #token #indonesia
View PR on Issuewire: https://www.issuewire.com/redan-coin-rdan-a-cryptocurrency-with-more-powerful-growth-on-global-sector-with-de-centralized-technology-1666012311442674
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Learn about the exclusive features to secure your crypto wallets!

The concept of cryptocurrencies are thriving among the business world and is widely booming with every passing day. Many of us are familiar with cryptocurrencies now compared to earlier. But to quickly simplify for you, cryptocurrencies are digital currencies and they are exchanged for other digital assets or fiat money.
What is a crypto wallet? How does it work?
A cryptocurrency wallet is a secured, digital wallet that helps store, send and receive various cryptocurrencies that include bitcoin, ethereum, dashcoin, litecoin and more. It is more like a software program that stores both public and private keys that connects with various blockchains to exchange cryptocurrencies and secure them with encrypted codes. Blockchain allows multi ledger wallets and completely protects investor’s interest.
Now, bitcoin being the most popular out of all cryptocurrencies, many budding entrepreneurs aspire to create their own bitcoins to earn huge sums of profits for their business. With the tremendous demand and popularity, it is very essential to have the most secure wallet to protect your bitcoins and conduct a smooth business. Let’s see what are the most essential features for your bitcoin wallet development.
Key features:
These are the top core features that need to be integrated in any crypto wallet for seamless, efficient transactions. As this requires a lot of qualified technical knowledge and assistance, the best choice is to hire a well recognised cryptocurrency wallet development company like Blockchain App Factory, whose knowledge and experience is unmatched and therefore will offer 100% pre tested whitelabel solutions for multi-crypto wallets , that is feature-rich and robust and will ensure a successful, smooth business. So, get in touch with them and protect your cryptocurrencies today.
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Non, 25 000 commerces n’accepteront pas les paiements en cryptomonnaie en France en 2020

Non, 25 000 commerces n’accepteront pas les paiements en cryptomonnaie en France en 2020

A l’occasion de Paris Retail Week, qui a débuté ce mardi 24 septembre, une dépêche sur un nouveau produit de Global P.O.S et reprise dans les médias laisse à penser qu’une trentaine d’enseignes vont accepter les paiements en cryptomonnaie dès 2020. L’Usine Digitale a pu s’entretenir avec le dirigeant de Global P.O.S, Stéphane Djiane, qui revient en détail sur sa plate-forme, en phase expérimentale. AUDE CHARDENON | PUBLIÉ LE 24 SEPTEMBRE 2019 À 15H57
Les magasins Boulanger, Foot Locker, Décathlon, Conforama, Intersport (et bien d’autres) vont-ils accepter les paiements en cryptomonnaie dès l’année prochaine ? C’est ce qu’une dépêche, reprise par bon nombre de médias, explique ce mardi 24 septembre 2019, laissant entendre qu’un déploiement massif est en cours.
Ainsi, selon une information publiée tôt ce matin, 25 000 points de vente en France accepteront le paiement par crypto-actifs dès 2020. Cette dépêche fait suite à une annonce, au premier jour de la Paris Retail Week, de Global P.O.S, un spécialiste de dématérialisation des remboursements des titres prépayés et du paiement digital. Dans un communiqué, Global P.O.S et ses partenaires annoncent néanmoins autre chose : ils font évoluer leur plate-forme d’acceptation de paiement, Easy2PlayPayment, afin de pouvoir y intégrer les paiements en cryptomonnaies dans les boutiques physiques.
Plus précisément, Global POS s’est appuyé sur ekino, Octo Technology, Smartchain, Havas Blockchain, Fidal, Deskoin et Savitar pour mettre à disposition des commerçants une solution leur permettant d’accepter le paiement en crypto-actifs. Ensemble, ils ont travaillé à l’ajout d’un module, et non des moindres, à Easy2PlayPayment. “Le travail d’écriture de la cryptomonnaie prend du temps, explique Stéphane Djiane, fondateur et dirigeant de Global P.O.S, à L’Usine Digitale. Il fallait un process fluide, mais également un outil permettant de garantir la conversion de bitcoins en euros”.
La solution s’inscrivant dans le cadre légal défini par la loi Pacte, ce sont les plates-formes d’échange qui sont en charge de la conversion des cryptomonnaies en euro. Grâce aux différents connecteurs compatibles avec les solutions Nepting et Famoco, des PME, restaurants et indépendants pourront accepter les paiements en cryptomonnaies. Par ailleurs, la solution plug and play ne change pas les habitudes des consommateurs et des enseignes.
Le dispositif permet donc à un commerçant de recevoir un paiement instantané effectué via l’application Easywallet, que l’utilisateur doit télécharger au préalable. Lors de la transaction, le coût de la transaction lui est signalé, et l’acheteur valide son achat. Un QR code est généré sur le smartphone, que l’hôte ou l’hôtesse de caisse doit scanner pour valider le paiement, qui s’effectue en temps réel, et en euros dans la caisse du commerçant. Les transactions seront pour le moment limitées à 1 000 euros, sous forme de bitcoins, mais l’objectif est d’ouvrir la solution à d’autres cryptomonnaies dans le futur.
Si Global P.O.S indique dans son communiqué que “25 000 points de vente pourront désormais accepter les paiements en cryptomonnaies”, il fait référence à son portefeuille de clients et à leur réseau physique. L’éditeur de logiciel, qui compte parmi ses clients une quarantaine d’enseignes dont Boulanger, Foot Locker, Décathlon, Conforama, Maison du Monde, Intersport, Cultura, Norauto ou encore Sephora, espère bien les convaincre d’adopter ce nouveau moyen de paiement. Il est sans surcoût pour les commerçants, Global P.O.S se rémunérant par commission de 1 à 3% de la transaction selon le taux de change.
Mais rien n’indique que ces retailers adopteront avec certitude cette brique technologique. “Nous la rendons disponible aux enseignes, qui vont décider, ou pas, de l’utiliser”, poursuit Stéphane Djiane. Une réalité bien différente de celle décrite par la dépêche publiée ce matin, qui indique que les acheteurs pourront régler leurs achats de cette façon dès 2020 dans 25 000 points de vente en France.
Si la technologie est extrêmement intéressante, on est très loin d’un déploiement à grande échelle et à court terme. Disponible au premier trimestre prochain, elle est actuellement en phase expérimentale chez 5 enseignes, dont les noms ne sont pas précisés, et ce jusqu’à la fin de l’année. “Les enseignes sont à l’écoute car les cryptomonnaies font régulièrement l’actualité, analyse Stéphane Djiane. Pour autant, elles ont besoin d’être accompagnées avant de prendre la bonne décision. Notre but est de leur faire comprendre qu’aujourd’hui, un commerçant ne peut se permettre de refuser un moyen de paiement”.
Selon l’étude Kantar TNS 2018, plus de quatre millions de Français possèdent des cryptomonnaies. Reste à savoir si comme moyen de paiement, elles peuvent s’installer durablement dans leur quotidien.
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QR Code Generator

QR Code Generator
Due to the enormous diffusion of smartphones, QR codes are mostly used today to carry out mobile marketing actions, as they allow advertisers to incorporate digital content, such as websites, videos, PDF files, image galleries or contact information, to print media (brochures, posters, catalogs or business cards), Bitcoins, etc.
You can use the QRtiger QR Code Generator to generate readable symbols worldwide.
This great tool is presented as one of the most complete in this sector since it is very easy to use, as it is also customizable. With QRtiger you will be able to make custom designs, which we can save as a template and reuse them later.
Its strengths are: it is intuitive, it is not necessary to register and it is possible to create QR codes with logos.
QRtiger allows you to customize any QR code by using the dynamic QR code. If you want to generate several codes in the same model, contact QRtiger. We will help you make your mobile website and develop your project, to integrate the best contents of your QR codes.
If you generate your QR code from QRtiger, you will have the opportunity to generate a custom QR code.
To do this, you just have to use our QR Code Generator. This generator allows you to generate a custom QR code with a more attractive graphic appearance than the classic barcode and color it to your liking.
In this way, it can give you a more attractive and unique touch and will increase the number of scanners in your QR Code.
The QR code is free and paid for the technology. It is known worldwide, in addition to being one of the most used 2D barcodes.
You can save some data in the QR Code as a URL, but the QR Code has the advantage of being able to save all kinds of data.
To read a QR code, simply launch “QR code reader” (or 2D code reader) and point to the code with your mobile.
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Neutrino Android Wallet: First Thoughts

Hi everyone, I wanted to talk a little bit about the new Neutrino SPV wallet that was released on the Google Play store a few days ago. This wallet is still in early beta, but I wanted to give my feedback on the UX and hopefully others can give their own ideas regarding the app so the developers can make this as user friendly and intuitive as possible.

I do want to say I understand this app is still being developed and many features may not be complete/finalized. Also, I am not a UX/UI designer. I am just a user that wants to see Bitcoin Cash be used easily by people everywhere.

For those of you who don't know, Neutrino is a new style of SPV wallets that offer superior privacy verses other SPV wallets such as Electron-Cash. From the app's description on the Play store;
Neutrino is the most technologically advanced cryptocurrency wallet to date. Whereas all other wallets leak information about your transactions to third parties, Neutrino uses a new technique called client-side filtering to obfuscate your transaction downloads to better preserve your privacy.
It also uses Simplified Payment Verification (SPV) which provides strong cryptographic proof that your transactions are including in the blockchain. This further eliminates trust in third parties.
Finally it connects directly to the Bitcoin Cash network rather than relying on third party servers making it much more robust than your typical wallet.
For more info on SPV wallets and why Neutrino is betteworse than other types of SPV, check out Peter Rizun's post on the history of SPV wallets. It's actually very interesting
UI Ideas
If you have any ideas of your own or critiques of my ideas, leave a comment down below! Remember, the goal is to build a wallet that can be used by everyone everywhere, safely.

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Groestlcoin September 2019 Development Release/Update!

For a more interactive view of changes, click here
In our current world; bordering on financial chaos, with tariff wars, Brexit and hyperinflation rife, you can count on Groestlcoin to consistently produce innovation that strikes to take the power away from the few and into the many, even after a full five and a half years of solid development.
Here is what the team has already announced in the last 3 months since the last development update:

What's Being Released Today?

Groestl Nodes

What am I?

Groestl Nodes aims to map out and compare the status of the Groestlcoin mainnet and testnet networks. Even though these networks share the same protocol, there is currently no way to directly compare these coins in a single location. These statistics are essential to evaluate the relative health of both networks.


Source - Website

Groestlcoin Transaction Tool

What am I?

This is a tool for creating unsigned raw Groestlcoin transactions and also to verify existing transactions by entering in the transaction hex and converting this to a human-readable format to verify that a transaction is correct before it is signed.



Groestlcoin AGCore

What am I?

AGCore is an Android app designed to make it easier to run a Groestlcoin Core node on always-on Android appliances such as set-top boxes, Android TVs and repurposed tablets/phones. If you are a non-technical user of Groestlcoin and want an Android app that makes it easy to run a Groestlcoin Core node by acting as a wrapper, then AG Core is the right choice for you.

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Groestlcoin Electrum

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Android Electrum-Specific

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Android Wallet – Including Android Wallet Testnet

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Android Wallet is a BIP-0032 compatible hierarchial deterministic Groestlcoin Wallet, allowing you to send and receive Groestlcoin via QR codes and URI links.

V7.11.1 Changes

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Groestlwallet is designed to protect you from malware, browser security holes, even physical theft. With AES hardware encryption, app sandboxing, keychain and code signatures, groestlwallet represents a significant security advance over web and desktop wallets, and other mobile platforms.
Simplicity is groestlwallet's core design principle. Because groestlwallet is "deterministic", your balance and entire transaction history can be restored from just your recovery phrase.

iOS 0.7.3 Changes

Android v89 Changes

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Groestlcoinomi Released

What am I?

Groestlcoinomi is a lightweight thin-client Groestlcoin wallet based on a client-server protocol.

Groestlcoinomi v1.1 Desktop Changes

Groestlcoinomi Android v1.6 Changes

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Groestlcoin BIP39 Tool

What's Changed?

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BEWARE of BlockChain.Info I Just LOST 5 BTC due to a bug! [VIDEO proof]

UPDATE: thanks to everyone! We got it BACK!!!
Careful with blockchain.info. I used them for the first time just before the fork. When I went to return my coin to coinbase, the laptop scanning tool on Blockchain.info failed and lost me 5 BTC! It was NOT user error. I was able to figure it out and recreate the bug last night. here is a video of me recreating the problem after I figured out what was happening:
I let Blockchain.info know about this critical bug last night and they simply responded that it was MY FAULT! How can buggy scanning software be blamed on the user? I scan because I don't trust my ability to get the entire hash perfect! Scanners are supposed to be perfect. Here is the conversation I had with blockchain.info:
URGENT your wallet scanner is broken and just cost me 5 BTC
Avatar Today at 00:42 I lost 5 BTC today on your system due to a really tricky bug.
I tried to send 5BTC to coinbase. I did the normal thing. I pulled up a QR code, scanned it (this way I can't get it wrong, or so I thought) and then clicked send. 5 hours later it had confirmed that it had sent, but it never arrived. I was baffled. So I started trying to recreate any potential problem. Here is what I found:
I am on a new macbook pro 13 inch with 10.12.06 and I am using Chrome. I scanned a wallet on my coinbase app from my phone using the macbook camera feature you have built into the app. I have scanned QR codes hundreds of times over the years on different apps and I have never had a problem. But on your app it is broken and lost 5 BTC.
To recreate the problem I first copied the hash from coinbase so I had a reference. Then I scanned the same code by QR on my macbook. They ended up COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. I believe what is happening is that the camera is mirroring the image your system is getting a mirrored version of the wallet [UPDATE - that was just a guess that has been proven wrong, I still can't figure out what the heck happened]. Today I lost 5BTC plus the cost of the transaction due to this bug. This bug can be recreated over and over and over again.
I hope that where I found this bug, and it wasn't user error, that you will make up for the 5 BTC I lost. It is a significant portion of my wife and my own savings. We have been putting away a small portion of our income in BTC for the past couple of years and a huge chunk just vanished simply because of a bug in your system. First I hope you can fix it quickly so someone doesn't loose MUCH MUCH MORE. Then, I hope you can make it right as your system is completely based on trust. If you can show me the bug is fixed and you can make it right financially for my losses, I would be happy to just keep the bug between us as we are the only ones affected at this point.
Here is a video I just made of me recreating the problem: https://youtu.be/MFj3HcLuWSs
BTW this was my first experience on your system (I moved my BTC here because of the fork). I was very pleased with how it all worked, but then shocked to find such a terrible bug.
Today at 00:48 If you can compensate me for the 5.00022374 BTC I lost, here is a coinbase address you can send it to: 1NqGsghoWMiGezrNyv7Abjoqmf4ftx7an4
Avatar Mandrik Today at 11:14 Hello,
I'm sorry to hear of this trouble, but the bitcoin network is designed to make chargebacks impossible. Blockchain.info never has access or control of a user's bitcoins in any way. The end user has 100% control over his or her own bitcoins. This means we have no power to stop, reverse or initiate a transaction on anyone's behalf.
I assume I won't be getting back my 5 BTC, but I figured the world needs to know about my experience with the world's number 1 bitcoin wallet.
Here is the wallet that I lost my BTC to: 16H5t2a9vgTS2vRgu3nvmRneQymwV6XjFq
Any ideas on a way to get blockchain.info to own up to their bug?
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Let's go over good vs. bad hardware wallet design.

EDIT I want to be clear you cannot screen cap the trezor pin.
This is an example of an awful hardware wallet design. To understand why let's refer to the OG the Trezor.
  1. Reliability. The Trezor doesn't have a battery. That means when it's in your pocket there is no chance of someone coming by and wirelessly stealing your private keys. I expect my hardware wallet to be stolen/lost. That being said I do expect that my device be able to work as long as I take care of it. Having a battery kind of limits the shelf life to 5 years or so.
  2. Keep it simple stupid. The Trezor only has a USB connection. That's okay. I'd rather see a camera personally. My understanding is the chip with the private keys is not connected to the USB output so that's good.
  3. I still have limited trust in hardware wallets. AFAIK the Trezor doesn't have an exploit that allows the private keys to leave the device without modifying the hardware. This is an acceptable limitation.
  4. The Trezor is open source.
  5. The Trezor has a screen. This is absolutely vital to prevent man in the middle attacks. It's moronic to have a hardware wallet without a screen.
  6. When you access your Trezor it presents you with a randomly ordered keypad you enter your pin through your computer with a mouse. This way there is no way to keylog or screen cap your pin.
So lets talk about the hoofoo.
  1. It doesn't have a screen. This is an immediate disqualification. There is a very real possibility that the address would be swapped in memory and you wouldn't know.
  2. It has wireless communication over bluetooth. Bluetooth is not a good standard for hardware wallets to use. For one you're broadcasting the encrypted data wirelessly. Not all encryption is created equal. AFAIK all the wifi standards are crackable with sufficient data collection in less than a month. look up blueborne
  3. As a general rule I'll never buy a product that claims to be "hacker proof" unless it's got a REALLY good design. This isn't it.
  4. 2FA? On a local device that makes no sense. Maybe they are talking about a 2FA through the blockchain with multisig but that costs money. Is he really saying 2FA is your fingerprint/facial recognition (both trivially compromised (seriously just use a picture of the owner) and spoofing a bluetooth device. This sounds so simple and easy I halfway want to buy one just to crack it the first day. This doesn't even qualify as 2FA in my opinion because both of the factors are controlled by a single device. The entire point of 2FA in my opinon is to have a completely separate device be responsible for authorizing you. Otherwise there is no point the device is a single point of failure.
  5. OMFG It allows you to access signing your private keys with finger print and face recognition... thats MORONIC!! Fingerprint scanners are in no way secure and face recognition ... did you see the apple keynote or youtube? This is probably the worst hardware wallet ever created.
  6. These idiots actually believe that you can't fake a bluetooth mac address? (again this guy is blatantly lying when he says that hardware wallets like the trezor have been hacked w/o a hardware modification)
  7. What the fuck is a motherbox? Having 2 devices that can recover your private key ... Does he mean seed? Does he not know the difference between a seed and a private key? Nothing in the video indicates he's using the BIP39 standard. What happens when your house burns down and you lose both your hardware wallet and the motherbox? What are the design specifications on this motherbox? Sorry but if it's capable of recovering private keys and seeds then the security details surrounding it need to be gone over.
Hoofoo is a scam. The claims made are provably false. Do not support this company.
Security features I'd like to see in a future version of a hardware wallet are as follows.
I really like the features of the trezor, they got a lot of things right as I mentioned above. Limited communication access on old wired technology. A screen. The way you input the pin so it cannot be screen recorded or keylogged (they should disable keyboard input on internet connected devices but that comes down to user error I guess)
  1. I'd prefer the USB to be charge only without communication. Instead I'd rather use QR codes to exchange the unsigned and signed transactions back and forth. I could see the device allowing you to scan a QR code, and you verifying it looks good. Then putting in your pin to sign.
  2. I'd like the option to hold a small battery powered qi charger to the back of the device to provide it power.
  3. I'd like the device to ship with the components visible in a clear plastic coating. I would like to be the one who encloses the device and that case once put on cannot be removed without destroying the hardware wallet.
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Beginner transaction gone wrong - What was my mistake?

So a year ago a friend of mine just to try convince me to use bitcoin created a wallet on my smartphone (bitcoin.com wallet) and transferred to me at that time time 50 cents, with the time bitcoin devalued and I had right now the equivalent to 30 cents. The bitcoins my friend transferred to me remain forgotten in my smartphone but today I decided to try use bitcoin and with a quick search I saw the wasabi wallet was a good choice, I created a wallet just to experiment do a transaction and so I try to transfer that value I had in my smartphone wallet to my wallet in wasabi.

I created a address which is this one: bc1q59f7sa6c8fw3q5m8khy85lwc58e4j0wwm5rphl. I scan it with my smartphone and copied it to my smartphone wallet app to transfer the bitcoins. It happen that the transaction has already be confirmed but I see not bitcoins in wasabi desktop application. I tried to do a quick search in bitcoin.com explorer to see the transaction using the hash that appears on my bitcoin smartphone application and I figure it out that maybe I did something wrong because the destination address of that transaction is qr6zzppa90xgje3d7e9rxg6c2y5znd07lsza09trqd. I do not know if I am not seeing this in the right way and if in fact I did something wrong.

I list here the steps I did:
- had 30 cents in a smartphone wallet
- installed wasabi desktop application and created a wallet
- generated a receive address: bc1q59f7sa6c8fw3q5m8khy85lwc58e4j0wwm5rphl
- scan the QR code of wasabi application with smart phone, copied to clip board of the smartphone the value read with the QR scanner and pasted it in smartphone wallet to send the bitcoins
- the transaction hash is: 88cfee3b0c12fa8ab3f5712936821452ceed497052b613782570eacdb187ae58
- I search this hash in a blockchain explorer and I see the destination address is qr6zzppa90xgje3d7e9rxg6c2y5znd07lsza09trqd (if everything went right would not be bc1q59f7sa6c8fw3q5m8khy85lwc58e4j0wwm5rphl or the generated address to receive the bitcoin has nothing to do with the destination address that appears in bitcoin explorer?)
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ELLIPAL Version 2.2 Update

ELLIPAL Version 2.2 Update
We have added some important features on top of coins support in this version update that will help users increase their security even higher.

ELLIPAL Firmware 2.2 Update for Cold Wallet:

1) Added support to BitcoinSV and PalletOne.
2) Added QR code autoplay function for pairing and signature.
When required to scan multiple QR Codes, the codes will autoplays it self. Just place your camera on top and let the wallet does the work.
3) Added alternate pattern password for extra security.
An alternate unlock pattern can be added on top of the regular unlock pattern. Using the alternate pattern will unlock a different set of accounts.

ELLIPAL App Version 2.2 Update:

1) Added support to BitcoinSV and PalletOne.
2) Added scanner autoplay function for pairing and signature (to be used with Cold Wallet).
3) Added 6 digit login password to view balance.
Responding to a much requested feature, we have added login password to the App to further improve your privacy and security.
4) Added max exchange function.
Users can now select this feature to exchange all the selected coin within the account.
5) Fixed BTC Segwit address transfer error.
6) Added function to view transfers and exchanges as fiat quantity.
Users can now view their transfer and exchanges in the fiat currency they prefer in contrast to just coin amount as before.

To update your ELLIPAL or looking for an update guide, please go to:

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Adoption Strategy - shower thoughts

So this might or might not work.. YOU have to be confident. and possess the nano wallet app on your phone.
Whenever we go out and shop anywhere, restaurants, etc, anyplace where we can pay.. When it comes to payments just be like casually open your QR code scanner in your Nano app. Then be like nano? Of course most places would be like what's that? THIS is the moment you look at them like they have two heads. You haven't heard of this?? This is like the new bitcoin! except 0 fees and instant confirmation. Then go alright fine, mastercard?
Seeds, the nano seeds are gonna be planted everywhere you go!
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BITCOIN QRcode! Bitcoin Address To QR Code How to create a bitcoin QR code How to send to a QR code - YouTube 4 of 5 Bitcoin QR Code Generators Are Complete Scams

There is a QR code on the right hand side, but when I try to scan it using the app, I get nothing in response. The Coinbase app acts like it received the address but does not fill in the To: section. I have also noticed that if I click the Request Payment button, the QR code that pops up scans perfectly. Sample API crypto QR code output of URL above. Now just replace the example Bitcoin address with your own or change the crypto style to represent the type of cryptocurrency you need to generate a QR code for. So with a mobile, a convenient way to pass that data is for the payment recipient (e.g., a merchant) to display a QR code with the Bitcoin address for the transaction, and then for the person paying to scan that QR code to obtain the bitcoin address. A mobile app called Barcode scanner from ZXing is the most widely used app on Android for this. QR Code Scanning. After clicking the "validate" tab, you can click the QR code icon to launch the camera QR code scanner. Any valid QR code will scan, but for the verify feature to work this needs to be a private key for your paper wallet. This is a great way to test whether or not you can successfully decode your BIP38-encrypted private key prior to loading your wallet with funds. Untuk menghasilkan uang di bandarq, Anda dapat melakukan transaksi jual chip, tapi ini membutuhkan keahlian. Anda harus ahli dalam bermain game bandarq barulah bisa mendapatkan chip terus.

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